Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar and Harassment

DSC_0229Quite late tonight I’m flying back from Istanbul to Holland, so still have some hours to kill. First I will visit the spice market and then we are all going together to a shopping mall to spend the last hours there with some extra shopping. Except for being sick I’ve really enjoyed being here in Istanbul. I mean, the culture differences are immense and that is really something I’ve realised being here. Going here for a holiday is great but I would never in my life want to live here. I have stopped counting how many times I’ve been harassed here on the streets by men because it happens everywhere you move. It is as though it is completely okay to shout after women and say ridiculous comments every time they walk by. It’s insane and I can’t imagine having to deal with this every day. It literally sucks the energy out of you.

But, of course my experience of the Grand Bazaar was great. So many nice things like handcrafted jewellery, tea, clothes and of course pashmina scarves. The things you get to see are endless!

So, now I’m going to run off to make the most out of this day!
DSC_0242 DSC_0234 DSC_0223


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