tumblr_mvumpjI1ZH1qeprd7o1_1280 INSPO. Yesterday was such a super busy day for me that I didn’t have any time to relax until 8 in the evening when I decided to take a glass of wine… Rookie mistake. This of course led to me going to Lux for some drinks and now I’m laying here in bed with such a headache.. Damn it! But anyways it was a good night and great to be able to relax and unwind for a bit!

Now I’m going to drag myself out of bed, take a shower and then my project group have a meeting with our mentor. When I woke up this morning I got this feeling that I should invest in (yes any clothing purchase is an investment..) a oversized military jacket. I have the feeling that it would make me into such an epic person! So after the meeting me and Lisa are going on a hunt!

Until next time, enjoy these inspirational pics that I can’t get enough of!

tumblr_mg8qw5sVL71qhgis6o1_500 tumblr_mlf6iwipOI1qg2ltgo1_400 tumblr_myyrae6FF51r238sko1_500 tumblr_m8tjelTT5U1rzpqlso1_500 tumblr_m07qhnKuT21qzleu4o1_500
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  1. trendsencounters

    Hahaha well, the important thing is that you enjoyed those drinks, didn’t you? Hope that headache fades away soon!
    I love these pictures! + The bra is gorgeous.
    I hope you have luck with finding the perfect army jacket, by the way. xx


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