In My Sheep Jacket


Photography by Mona von Zweigbergk

So here’s yesterday’s outfit just like I promised you.. My awesome sheep jacket that my boyfriend bought for me paired with more beige and jeans. Right now I’m really in a beige part of my life when it comes to what I wear. And always paired with these awesomely futuristic glasses (I feel they make me look like a robot).

The day has, as I mentioned earlier been fully about studying and it doesn’t stop now for me since I know I will need to get on with this until late today and then wake up early tomorrow. I’m trying to make myself feel better by telling myself that when this shit is over I can fully relax when my boyfriend comes on Wednesday and for my trips to Italy and Malta that starts on Friday. It’s so typical that everything comes at the same time (probably it’s bad time management from my side though). To be fair though me and Jana got a lot done to day when it comes to the layout of our final product which feels really good. We will continue with it tomorrow morning again which means that tonight I can focus on my own things. Such an amazing weekend right?!

I’m wearing/Jacket from HERE/Bag from Prada/Sweater from Zara/Sunglasses from Accessorize) 


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