HOW TO: Make A Super Sexy Bar Cart

I am dreaming about moving into an apartment that is completely my own, that I can decorate exactly like I want to. I want it to have a high sealing, huge windows and wooden floor and I want the walls to be white white white. The only thing that is keeping me from living by myself is that I know how lonely it can be to live all by yourself! Sometimes it’s just nice to hear that someone else is there and not having to worry about let’s say… getting murdered without anyone being there to notice it. Anyways, one of the things I really want (or need) to have is one of those old school bar carts. Imagine just being able to grab your favourite liquor and mix a cool drink when you’re having guests over. I would fill it with cool gins like Hendrick’s and Monkey 47.

SEARCH & SEARCH. Finding a suitable cart, table or tray that will later serve as your bar cart may not be as easy as you would think it to be. Of course, it may be easy finding one, but finding just that special one that fits you and your apartment takes a bit more time and effort. Check out concept stores, flea-markets, smaller shops or even something as simple as IKEA to find the one that fits you perfectly.

RE-MAKE IT. This may not always be necessary, but one should not forget how easy it is to customise a piece of furniture with some paint!

FIND THE DETAILS. Making your bar cart stand out is all in the details. It can be everything from a cool mixer to glass carafes or bowls for snacks and candles. Whatever fits your style will work.

ADD YOUR FAVOURITE LIQUORS. I love gin, and therefore know that I would love to have a couple of cool bottles of gin on the cart such as Hendrick’s and Monkey 47. These bottles are also in my opinion extremely beautiful and will add to the over all look of the cart. Pick together your favourite liquors and let them add to the aesthetics of the cart. If you’re going for something more colourful maybe you want to pick liquors with more colourful bottles, or if you’re going for the more old school look you should pick bottles that add to that. It is all about personal taste.

BUY COOL GLASSES. Do you like those supercool whiskey glasses or are you more of a cocktail girl? Show it with some cool, outstanding glasses.

MAKE IT YOUR OWN. After all, the choices you make when it comes to finding and decorating your cart is all about your personal taste; all about making it your own and making it work with your apartment. BARCART21 BARCART41 e18107888def6a22042684e02f803eab ef24278101486081f95ce8d349c07ab4

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