How To : Get Shit Done


I am a person who is almost solely driven by inspiration. If I write a blogpost, I do it spontaneously because I feel like it and publish it straight afterwards, even if I know how much time it would save me to prepare them beforehand.

 This post I prepared last night since I knew I would have quite some difficulties posting today. So since I had to prepare a post I had absolutely no clue what to write about, so I decided to write about just that. No, not nothing, but about how you can motivate yourself to actually prepare for things that needs to be done, and not do everything in the last minute.

The thing is that I am completely aware of that in the long run, it is impossible to build something driven only by inspiration. It doesn’t matter if it’s about finishing schoolwork, creating art or building a business. If you do something only because you are inspired to do so you will never be successful at what you do. Of course there are exceptions, but I hate to break it to you, but you are probably not one of them, and I’m not either. So let’s get started!

  1. Keep things clear. I know this headline may sound a bit vague, but keeping things clear will make all the difference in the world. The way you need to do it depends on what it is that you need to do of course. I have a list written down in the notes on my phone of what kind of posts I’m allowed to create so that it’s virtually impossible for me to get confused or drift somewhere else. Also, this list is absolutely perfect when I have no clue what to write about. It will keep you structured and serve as inspiration, great huh?!
  2. Prepare. This for me usually has to do with exercising. I know that I have far away from the amount of willpower that is needed to get my ass to the gym, so I need some help now and then. If I come to think of that I should go for a run etc. the night before, then I take my gym-clothes out and put them right next to the bed so I can’t avoid them. The same of course works for doing work. If you know what needs to be done the day before, write it down and put it on top of your calendar so you can’t miss it!
  3. Force yourself. Okay, I know this one may sound a bit rough, but sometimes forcing yourself is the only way of actually finishing what needs to be done. If you give your head too much room to decide what to do, then you’ll probably end up the entire day in your bed.
  4. Pin down the goals. I have a little notebook where I keep my to-do lists, notes from work – things I need to keep track of in other words. From time to time I take one of the pages and write down my long-term goals. Why do I need to spend this amount of time on social media? Why do I put the amount of effort into doing what I’m doing? Yes, because I want to reach 1000 readers per day, I want to feel happy with myself and I want to collaborate with this brand. Make the goals specific and when you reach them it will feel like you’re in heaven!

And see what happened, with these few steps even I, the most inspiration driven person ever (okay, exaggerating slightly), managed to finish an article on a Monday night. I hope it will help you as much as it helped me!
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