How to deal?

_DSC3286At the moment I am suffering from the biggest writer’s block ever. It’s so funny how sometimes things just flow out of you and you get the post done super quickly and sometimes it’s so extremely difficult that you never think you will be able to write a single word again. I, as many other people, am a very motivation driven person and constantly have to motivate myself and remind myself why I think something is fun or why I need to do something. Usually I am pretty great at motivating myself but then there are always those days when you just want to go to sleep and don’t do anything productive.

Those are the days when I know I have to start over again to get back to where I want to be. You just put the computer aside and dedicate all the time you have to just getting motivated. For me, it can start out by watching something completely mindless and after that I either try reading motivational articles about interesting and successful people or watching a classic speech. Everybody have their own ways of dealing with these situations but the most important thing is to never give up. People get unmotivated all the time but the difference between people who succeed in life, love and career and the people who fail is the fact that they don’t give up.

Another thing that works for me is that even if the only thing you want to do is to stay in your PJ’s all day long force yourself to get up and get dressed. Feeling well put together serves as a kick in the ass for me since it gives you a reason to get off that sofa!

Therefore, today I’m wearing an outfit that looks good but still feels comfortable enough to put it on in the morning when you really don’t want to get dressed. And paired with my favourite sparkly bag that I got from my boyfriend and a pair of leopard print shoes I couldn’t feel more comfortable.

What do you wear when you really don’t want to get dressed in the morning?

I’m wearing/Top from Zara/Skirt from Topshop/Shoes from SpringCourt via NicoNico/Ring from H&M/Watch from Nixon/Bag from Essentiel Antwerp/
_DSC3290 _DSC3284_DSC3271 _DSC3310_DSC3349_DSC3343_DSC3318



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