DSC_8208So the last couple of days have been spent in Barcelona. On Friday night we went out for tapas and some drinks before we went to the club Opium down by the beach. We had so much fun which of course left us extremely tired yesterday. We had a long lunch and after that walked around in the city for a bit before we went home and took a quick siesta. In the evening we went out for sushi and then decided to go home and watch a movie! So now I feel rested and soon we will head out to town and explore the city a bit more!

I’m so afraid of the pickpockets here btw! Hear about so many people getting robbed it’s insane! I think it was good that the last days before heading to Barcelona were so  incredibly calming. Our apartment in Roses was located in the mountains, overlooking the small beach and the boats. We had dinner on our balcony and just enjoyed the view! So incredibly nice. Anyways now back to city life!

DSC_8209 DSC_8210


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