Helmet Heads

This weekend has passed by way to quickly.. Already Sunday which means that my love is once again leaving to Düsseldorf, but I will try to keep my spirits up and enjoy the day and start looking forward to the next moment I will see him!

Yesterday we went to the opening of his friends new tosti place which was absolutely great! Since I don’t eat gluten though I was not able to taste the toasts but they looked absolutely amazing and it was quite difficult to stay away from them.

So as an explantation to the crazy-helmet pics, me an Bou took the Vespa there. It was super sunny outside but really cold winds so I was freezing so much.

After the opening we had lunch and then Bou left to meet up with his friends so I first walked around for a bit before meeting up with his mum for a drink and then home to their plas for dinner which was amazing. After that I spent the rest of the evening in bed watching tv and just relaxing.

Now we are ready to head back to Amsterdam and spend a couple of hours together there which will be nice! The sun is shining again so let’s hope for some heat today as well!

Have a great Sunday!


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