So since it was Friday yesterday I decided to throw on a more colourful outfit than usual! I went with my new skirt together with an orange top. Our plan was to take some epic pics but we had some technical difficulties so this will have to do. Anyways, I just LOVE this skirt. Usually I’m not a skirt person. I think I wear one maybe two-three times per year but I think this one could be an exception! It reminds me of hawaii and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen men’s bathing short with the same print?
Today we went out with the boat for some water activities! I did the ring thingy (not sure what it’s called) together with my sister which was a lot of fun! At one point I had to throw myself off it since I managed to almost loose my bikini bottoms. After the ring I did some wakeboarding which was a lot of fun! The plan was to go out after lunch and continue but after having spent some time in the water outside in 34 degrees heat I was completely knocked out so I decided to listen to a podcast instead. Now I’m going to do some Nike Training Club and after that just take a shower, maybe do a manicure and then dinnertime!

I hope you’ll have a great Saturday! Ciao!





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