Hat On

DSC_1735I’m so in love with my new hat! The only problem is the biking culture here in Amsterdam. If someone out there has a tips on how to bike with a hat on please let me know, cause it seams impossible!

The last couple of days have been filled with exam studying and working on Sport Without Limits, the latter being to most fun and exciting of the two. And of course today, the day after the exam, I wake up feeling really sick. I don’t understand how much vitamins and supplements one should need to take to get a better immune system. It really feels like I’m followed by bad health.. But I will not let this have an effect on my mood and try to get as much done today as possible so let’s see how that goes!

Actually this week was a pretty good one starting already on Sunday with meeting my boyfriend at the airport who got back from Australia. We went to his parents place in The Hague to celebrate his brother’s birthday and headed back to Amsterdam the day after to spend both the Monday and Tuesday with each other before he had to go back to Düsseldorf. Usually it’s very difficult to say goodbye and it was so this time as well but got much easier since I am suspecting that he will surprise me tomorrow for Valentine’s Day. Haha. No pressure.

Now I will go back to work and poring more vitamins into my system!

I hope you’ll have a great Friday!



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