Golden Guns

These pictures perfectly express how I feel about it being Monday. I would not have minded at all staying in Stockholm for a bit longer so as usual it felt quite heavy going back to Amsterdam last night. But I have decided to start the week in as good of a spirit as possible. I started last night on the plane forcing myself to think positively about going back and once back into the apartment I ate some Swedish cured salmon with potatoes and gravlax sås (special swedish sauce for the cured salmon) that I brought from Sweden which definitely made my mood considerably better! After that I unpacked my suitcase, washed my face for about 25 minutes with my new products, lit some scented candles and laid down in bed to watch The Paradise followed by reading a bit of Wallpaper magazine before falling asleep. It was really the perfect evening to prepare myself for a busy week and to make myself feel rested and positive about being back. Also, knowing that I will see my boyfriend in almost a week of course makes things a lot easier.
So, today I have the introduction for the new project we will be working on in school the entire day and after that I will have to work for a couple of hours so it will be a busy day for sure which of course is positive when feeling a bit homesick. It feels so strange going back to school after several months of not being there because of being sick. It feels difficult going back but at the same time almost like a relief since I’ve felt quite stressed out about missing so much. So let’s see how this will go!
Btw, what do you think about the golden gun in these photos? I gave it to Bou as one of his Christmas presents and of course me and Mona had to take some pictures with it when we were there the other weekend. I think it looks so awesome!
DSC_1465 DSC_1453 DSC_1454 DSC_1456


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