Give Me Summer

summerpicsGIVE ME SUMMER. I can’t believe we’re already half way through May! So insane how fast time flies by. This means summer is on our doorstep so I thought I would share some of my outfits from last summer. I can’t wait for the moment I’ll finally be back in Sweden at our country house. Being able to go outside in your PJ’s to have breakfast in the sun is the best form of relaxation!

Anyways, today me and Lisa are going to the Van Gogh Museum and then maybe to the Rijks Museum. Let’s see what we have time for. So it will be a cultural day for sure and tonight I’m planning on making Biff Rydberg (Amazing swedish meat dish) for me and Bou since we’ve been eating fish for the last couple of days. So definitely not too bad of a day I would say!





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