Friday fav

I had quite a late night yesterday since I needed to prepare things for the meeting with the designer that was this morning. Or I finished it around twelve and after that I was so tired but just couldn’t fall asleep since I was still in work-mode. The story of this week I would say.
So this morning started out with the Skype meeting while being in my PJs in bed (one lucky girl) and after that I kept on working and I still am. My plan was to go outside and take care of some things as well as perhaps go for a little shopping round but the weather is absolutely horrible. It’s raining so much and it’s so windy I’m afraid I would blow away if I did!
So, in other words this is a good excuse for me to stay inside today. Therefore I thought I would share some pics of my favorite sweater that I bought in April at Spitafields market in London. Absolutely love it and for days like this one it’s definitely a big favorite!






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