First World Problems


FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS. So a real tragedy has happened here at home.. It started this weekend. We were sitting at home completely unaware of what was coming towards us when it happened. The internet stopped working.

Yes, yes, yes, I know what you’re thinking now. First world problem. Of course it is.

The thing is that I together with most other people out there have come to rely so much on the internet that when it disappears it feels like the end of the world! How do I solve this, how do I solve that? Lucky for me, I still had some 3G on my phone so in absolute emergencies I at least had something to do about the situation.

Anyways, this is the reason to why I am re-posting these pics from a couple of months ago. My sister took them of me in Stockholm and I absolutely love them! Really looking forward to getting home this summer so that we can take some more awesome pics!

I’m wearing/Coat from Paul & Friends/Top from Zara/Backpack from Prada/Necklace from Topshop/Shoes from Zara/Bracelets from Tiffany & CO and Topshop/
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  1. behindthemirrorblog

    Amazing Pictures!!! and I totally understand about the internet being out. A couple weeks ago my internet went out and I have never been so bored. Even my TV runs off the internet now, and you can only read books for so long. LOL.


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