Filming in Gothenburg for Sport Without Limits

DSC01227On Thursday I flew to Gothenburg together with my aunt and sister to film for Sport Without Limits. My morning began at 5.30 in the morning and we landed again on Arlanda at 21.00 in the evening so to say the least it was a long and exhausting day, especially since I was quite sick the day before.

When we got to Gothenburg we met up with my friend Fredrika straight away and sat down at a café nearby for a couple of hours before we had sushi and then got picked up by the football player we were going to film and drove to a football pitch a bit outside of Gothenburg. It was so insanely windy and cold but everything went so smoothly since he of course was in his element and knew exactly how to structure it the proper way.

We filmed everything from two angles with two cameras so the next challenge will be cutting it all together, but I’m pretty sure it will look awesome when it’s done! Woho! It’s so much fun seeing that things are going forward with the company after having spent months and months in the idea and early development stage. Our biggest challenge right now is to find more awesome athletes out there so if anybody knows any then don’t hesitate to contact me.

We ended the day at NK for a coffee and then dinner at Boule Bar before we had to take a cab back to the airport and fly home to Stockholm. We were all so extremely exhausted when we got back and I think it took literally 5 seconds for me to fall asleep. Such an amazing day!

DSC01208photo 2DSC01235 DSC01239DSC01216photo 1


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