Fav Moment

FAV MOMENT. I was sitting here thinking about the year that has past and all the things that happened during that year. I moved to Holland, started a new study and got a new job. In other words a year with a lot of changes. For me it’s always the easiest to remember the bad things that happened to you, for some reason I tend to put more weight on those things than the good times.

It’s such a strange thing actually. It doesn’t matter if a 100 good things happen to you in a day, because as soon as something bad happens that will take up all of your attention. That is why I wanted to see which one was my favourite moment during 2013. So many good things happened to me during the past year but on the top of my list was definitely me and my boyfriends trip road trip in Italy last summer. We (him) drove around in a cute Fiat 500, stayed at amazing b&b’s, went to the beach, ate amazing food and visited new places.
I think the photos says it all.

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