Evenings in Amsterdam

DSC_8939There’s something so nice and mysterious about Amsterdam in the evening. Feels so strange that I have lived on this street for more than a year now, time really goes by so incredibly fast!

Yesterday after school my friend Sarah and I went to do some grocery shopping and made (okay she did most of the job, I got the noble responsibility of cutting a pepper) an amazing safran fish soup with salmon and shellfish and drank wine to that. Sometimes that’s really exactly what you need, and especially on a Tuesday when you already feel exhausted and know there are so many days until the weekend will be back. I can’t say enough times how happy I will be to finally get some time off. It is so easy to get wrapped up in all the responsibilities and everything that is happening and work 24/7 and then all of a sudden you realise how tired you are and that there’s not even enough energy to take an evening off and watch a movie. This is definitely something I need to get better at. It’s of course great to always try to do your best but every person needs a break from time to time.

So, with these wise words I will continue my day. Hope you’ll have a great one!



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