Ahh I just love it when you wake up with this positive energy in your entire body. At this moment, I’m just so excited about life in general and can’t wait to dig into new challenges and get new experiences. And when I read the quote in the photo ”Just remember, you’re blessed beyond measure. Every single day is a day you should treasure”, I just got even more energised. And also my dad is coming from Stockholm to Amsterdam tonight and even if it’s just for dinner I’m really excited about it. I think it always brings you back on track a bit to see a family member when you’re living abroad and don’t get to see them that often. Woho!

So these are as you may understand some of my favourites at this moment. An agenda to plan my time wisely, a watch to keep track of time, sunnies to protect my eyes, a quote for good spirits, a finger duster for protection, a glass skull candle for the extra cosiness, a CHANEL Les Beiges for glowing skin and nail polish for now when I’ve decided to lay of the shellac for a while.

/Agenda from Louis Vuitton/Watch from Nixon/Nail polish from Pieces/Finger Duster from H&M/CHANEL Les Beiges HERE/Candle Holder from Orrefors/


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