Enjoy the moments

DSC_8184For a moment I thought I felt better but then it got worse, so now I’m laying in bed with some tea and trying to force an orange down. It might have been caused by me walking around in shorts yesterday when shooting pictures with Iveta but I’m not completely sure. But, the shoot was a lot of fun. We walked around and chose different locations that we saw along the way which was a lot of fun so I’m hoping for a great result. I will of course post all the photos here later!

And to the pictures – I think these were the clothes I used the most this summer when being at the country house and just relaxing in general. I can especially remember the mornings in Spain when we sat out on the terrace eating breakfast that I always paired with my favourite tomatoes! Those are the moments when you really just enjoy being. That is something that is so extremely difficult once you come back to real life. You sort of don’t have time to just appreciate the moment you’re in without having something else on your mind. Like now, when I’m laying at home sick and I know there are a thousand things I need to do so you don’t actually let your body rest. So I think it’s clear that will be my mission for today. Let’s see how it will go!
spaiinnn DSC_8186


  1. juliezabee

    Hope you feel better! That must suck after putting in work for the photos then feeling horrible the next!! ;( BUT Lovely photos! Those are cute lounge clothes! 🙂

    Followed you on bloglovin’, because i am already in love with your blog. Also thank you for your kind words xx



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