Elegant Casualty

DSC_0589The other day I was wearing my silver shoes to spice up the boring winter-dark outfit I was wearing but even I realise that at some moments statement shoes are just not the right way to go. So today I thought I’d share another little tip of mine that I use quite often, especially on those days when I’m just jumping into the first clothes that are laying around and end up looking like something similar to a hobo. In these moments, to make myself look a bit more presentable I usually add a fur collar to whatever coat I’m wearing – and you know what the good thing is? You can even wear it when taking the coat off! This little trick can even make you get away with wearing the t-shirt you slept in last night which makes it amazing for every lazy person out there.

For people (including me) that love simple looks, and simple pieces of clothing it is always quite difficult not falling into the trap of looking boring. Especially having a blog I cannot really wear a grey t-shirt and jeans every day even if I’d sometimes like to. What I’ve done to try to prevent this is constantly looking for ways to reinvent my casual looks and make them look new again and this is where accessories like this one comes in. Some days it’s statement shoes and sometimes it’s other accessories like this one or a cool scarf, a cool bag – you name it. It really lays in the little details you choose to add and I promise this will make any little couch potato look super cool immediately.

Do you have any tips and tricks you use to make your looks more interesting?

I’m wearing/Shoes from HERE/Faux Fur tippet similar HERE/Coat from Zara/Backpack from Prada/
faux-fur-2 DSC_0590 DSC_0581 faux-fur


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