Dressing down

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After some days spent in Düsseldorf with my boyfriend who I helped move there this weekend, I am now back in Amsterdam and the new semester has started. This means a new project as well as a new project group. The project is definitely a challenging one but I believe it will be a lot of fun in the end! Our challenge is to research other industries in order to find an innovative idea to use as the ground of a fashion brand. It is really blowing my mind when we are researching the different fields, especially technology where so many interesting things are being developed. Some things just sounds completely unreal and you really get an understanding for how talented these people are who come up with these crazy ideas and actually manage to make it come to life! I will let you know our idea at a later point in the process, when it is a little bit more clear!

Anyways, let’s get to today’s outfit. For me, the art of dressing down an outfit has always been something very important. For most occasions, I would rather look a bit more cool than very feminine and elegant but at the same time I also want to be able to wear skirts and dresses. And what is so nice with these sort of outfits is that if you choose to dress it down during the day you always have the option to dress it up easily in the evening by adding a pair of high heels or some jewellery.

Here I am wearing an elegant white crop top together with a black tight skirt, paired with a sporty pair of Reeboks and a black coat.

I’m wearing/Crop top from Zara/Skirt from H&M/Coat from H&M/Sneakers from Reebok/Silver rings from H&M/

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  1. Tiffy4u

    That sounds like a very fun project, interesting to see how to mesh another industry with fashion. Gorgeous photos! They look like they’re from a magazine. Have a wonderful semester.


  2. support

    Loving the H & M Jacket and the pictures are top notch as always. The photographer always catches great depth. One thing I hope you implement on your blog is Pinterest buttons so I can share some pics.


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