Dinner and Ice cream

  Yesterday after having rested for a while I went to meet up with dad in town. We went for a walk in the sun and stopped by the Magnum Pleasure Store on Leidsestraat where we got to customize our own Magnums. They were so insanely delicious! I made mine with white chocolate, dried raspberries, some kind of pop candy and strawberry sugars and dad made his with dark chocolate, white chocolate pieces, chunks of dark chocolates and marshmallows, yum! Definitely something I would like to do again!

After that we continued our walk to buy some cheese and afterwards we headed to Conservatorium Hotel’s brasserie to have dinner with a business friend of dad’s. I’ve eaten there before and the food was great this time again. I started out with the salmon tartar with a poached egg and after that lamb with artichokes. Super tasty!

When we were ready it was time to say goodbye to dad since he went back this morning to Malta. It was really nice seeing him and also that I know that I will be seeing him soon again when I’m going to Malta in two weeks!

Today I went to school to meet up with my group and now I’m sitting at home studying for the Chinese exam I have tomorrow so will get back to that now and then just rest since I’m not feeling a 100% today. What are your plans?



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