??Now I’ve handed in my essay and I’m so relieved! Now I have to prepare for my personal development assessment that I have tomorrow but I feel quite prepared already so just trying to stay calm. I have such a horrible stage fright so I always need to take it with a pinche of salt when I’m going to present, otherwise I get too nervous!

I have the assessment tomorrow at 13.20 and after that I have a bit of time to pack my bags since I’m going to Düsseldorf in the evening to spend some time with my love. So excited! There are really so many fun times ahead I feel right now. It’s getting warmer outside and there are so many nice things on the planning. Now Düsseldorf, next week Austria for skiing, then back to Amsterdam and then a weekend in The Hague followed by Sweden and perhaps Paris? Let’s see! Now I need to stop the day dreaming and get back to work!


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