Coloured fluffy furs

DSC_0803After having spent an amazing weekend at Chateau St Gerlach I felt rested and ready to start off a more powerful week than the last couple of ones. I mean, for more than a month I’ve been taking things really easy (and still am) but I’m really feeling that it’s time to start doing more things since it’s obvious that the more you rest the more tired you get ironically.

So yesterday I started off by having a lunch meeting with my boss Susanne about some projects I will be working on which are extremely exciting. We are now in the midst of designing our new S/S 15 collection and I can promise there will be some pretty spectacular pieces in there. At this moment I’m feeling that I want every design in my wardrobe directly and I can literally not wait for them to be finalised. So, tomorrow we are having a conf call with the designer and will present the notes. changes and additions that we want so let’s see what she will say!

And, I’ve also re-discovered an old love – my little rats. Haha, and of course they’re not rats but actually rabbit fur in different colours. The last couple of months I’ve been obsessed with anything colourful and fluffy. It can be anything from wanting to dye my hair into some crazy colour (like dark-blue or green!) to big fur coats in various colours. Then I started thinking of this little gem that I bought a couple of years ago in Stockholm and it’s really the perfect! A bit more fun than a normal fur scarf I would say!

Now I will go back to work! Ciao!

DSC_0802 DSC_0798 DSC_0804DSC_0792


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