Coffee Company

IMG_3157This day has not been the most productive one but I will blame it on that it’s Friday and that the sun is shining.. I started the morning by going to my last Mandarin lesson for this course which was a bit of a sad moment I must say. I’ve really enjoyed studying Mandarin every morning because it takes me back to when I used to live in Shanghai. That was one of the best parts of my life and it makes me super happy to reconnect to that in some way. Anyways, I will see if there’s any way that I can keep studying it but we will see!

After the lesson I had a meeting at Café Americain with my boss from the creative agency that I work for about a project I’m working on right now which was really good. Let’s say I will have more than enough to do during the next couple of days! I biked straight home after the meeting, had some lunch and after that sat and talked with Mona when I actually needed to study and work so we decided to go to Coffee Company around the corner to try to get some stuff done. We will probably sit here for a while before going home again. I need to be sort of finished with my project for school tomorrow morning (?!!?) so I am trying not to panic about it. Also it’s so extremely difficult when the sun is shining outside and all you  want to do is to sit outside with a cold beer in your hand.. But life goes on and I will try to motivate myself with the fact that it’s King’s Day here on Monday which means that there will be some boat-partying!
So let’s get to it! I wish you a better Friday evening than I will have! Ciao.



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