Coffee – Because crack is bad for you

trendeneur-ringI always love Monday mornings. I don’t know how many times I’ve said it but it’s just that feeling of letting go of everything that says zero structure about the weekend. This weekend was one of those ones where there’s almost nothing on the agenda, except for some studying, which left me spending the entire Saturday in my bed eating candy (uhhm also due to a minor hangover). Not that there’s anything bad about that, but I believe routines, and having things to do constantly is what brings something interesting into your days.

Right now, we are in the concept phase in our brand development and it is very fun, but quite some work, and just because it is so fun it is easy to underestimate how much work it actually is to do. Yesterday, me and a friend from my group looked for visuals for our mood board and how pathetic and not true that may sound, it is so extremely difficult! And, I also think talking too much about visuals drives you absolutely mad after a while.

Anyways, there will be A LOT to do until next Monday when our concept presentation is which I am both excited and nervous about. But we will make it! As long as there’s enough coffee! (going onto my second cup for the morning now.) Ciao chicas!


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