Cleaning up


CLEANING UP. So today I woke up at 11 (sooooo nice) and then I decided that this day should be dedicated to cleaning up in my room. And since I have the attention spam of a 3 year old everything takes way longer than it should. I fold some clothes and remember that I have run upstairs to put some things from the washing machine into the dryer, then when I come downstairs I realise I need to do some work and then I again realise that I haven’t finished folding the clothes. And so it goes on and on, in a circle. In one way it’s frustrating but in another way I have learnt how to live with this after 21 years in this body.

Anyways, so the reason why I interrupted the cleaning, working and doing other stuff was basically to show you this AMAZING cover from l’Officiel NL’s February issue. I love it so much that I just couldn’t resist writing about it. I haven’t read it yet, or should I say browsed through it, since I don’t speak Dutch, but it seams to be about combining Fashion and Art. Maybe free translation will come in handy later today.

Anyways, have a great day!

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