CHRISTMAS. So I just got back to Holland after having spent an amazing week at home in my lovely Stockholm. It was great being able to come home for a bit, especially since I hadn’t been home since July (!!!!) Also, what better time to go home than during Christmas? It’s really the one time during the year when you can fully relax and not care about anything else in the world! (or at least that’s what I’m trying to tell myself).

Was really sad that I only had a week at home but when we booked a ticket for me back to Stockholm again on the 7th of January it felt so much easier! Only two more weeks and then I’ll be back again. Wohooo!

Last night when I arrived in Amsterdam my boyfriend picked me up at the airport and we travelled together to Amsterdam where we had a glass of wine and watched a part of Wolverine, which btw seam epic, before we fell asleep. I only started working at 12 today so I had some time to relax in the morning before I headed out into the rain storm (surprise…). So now there’s only one more day of working and after that I’m going straight to the Hague and then to Belgium with my boyfriends family on Sunday morning!

Now I’m going to clean up a bit here in the apartment and then go out for a drink!

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