CHILPA. I got so happy when this scarf from the London based brand Chilpa arrived in the mail last week. I am an owner of many scarves, but since the range of colors is very limited in my wardrobe, it was so much fun to get something that was so different to anything else in there.

When I look at new brands I am always trying to find what differentiates them from other brands. We all know that in our fast-paced society, where trends change constantly and shops refill their stock sometimes as often as every two weeks, we all need to consider in what way the products are made. By purchasing scarves through Chilpa, you are helping to provide sustainable employment for the artisans they work with. In other words, they believe in providing quality designs made by people who get a fair price for their work.

Chilpa has offered all my readers 10% off on their products (that are btw handmade in Mexico!) by using the code TRENDENEUR10.

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