By the tile stove



Photography by Emelie Sundvall

When me and my sister were going to take photos of this dress I immediately knew I wanted us to do it by this tile stove in our apartment. They really go so well together. We were using a flash for once which we usually wouldn’t but sometimes it can be fun, especially inside. The only boring thing about the photos was the original colour of them, which is why I chose to made them black and white and voila! I really love them, especially since they are such a contrast to how the photos here on the blog usually look.

For the last couple of months I’ve become a bigger fan of dresses, and not only black ones, also the ones with nice patterns and more colours. From time to time it is so nice to put on a dress and feel super feminine for a bit and it really gives you this self confidence boost since it makes you feel like a woman! I think it’s important to mix it up so you don’t get bored and for me it usually goes from one extreme to another, which I think is the most fun!

Today I’m going to work for a bit. Have to finish up an invite for an exclusive VIP event for the fashion brand FracasNoir that I work for and after that me and my mum will go for a walk with the doggy. Yesterday I skipped my daily walk which resulted in me feeling quite bad in the evening so I really think getting outside and moving for a bit every day is key for me to feel better. So that’s what I will do! After that we will probably pick up some sushi for lunch. Did you btw see the amazing pancakes on my Instagram that mami made for me this morning? Really getting so spoiled here at home!

DSC_0647 dressDSC_0651


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