I have absolutely no clue where these last couple of days managed to fly away to but for some reason this was the fastest weekend in a long time. Last thursday my amazing boss treated me to a private salsa lesson which was so much fun! My hips has been moving involuntarily since then.

Anyways, on Friday, after having been to school, me and my project group went to the Albert Cuyp market here in Amsterdam to have a look at some fabrics before we decided to have lunch at a place called Trust. Such a cool place where you as a customer decide the price you want to pay for the things you eat and drink. Pretty nice concept I think.

After that I hurried to The Hague where me Bou, and two of his friends went out for an amazing dinner at a restaurant called Ivory. Such extremely nice food!

The Saturday me and Bou spent biking around, eating ice cream, drinking beer out in the sun, and filming! I’ve wanted to start filming with my camera for a long time so we decided to make a little food episode that I will show you when it’s ready. So much fun!

Finally, I wanted to share these photos with you that Caroline took of me a year ago. We packed bags full of outfits and took the car to different locations and spent the day shooting. So much fun and I think these photos are so cool!

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  1. behindthemirrorblog

    Can’t wait to see the video that you put together. These pictures are lovely… I am also so jealous that you were sitting out drinking a beer while enjoying the sun. I think I am going to close my laptop and do the same now, haha!


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