But first, let me take a selfie

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 3.49.25 PMI know this is not a funny matter, but a couple of weeks ago I read an article about a guy who took 200 selfies of himself per day and tried to kill himself when he couldn’t take the perfect one (you can read the article HERE). But, I just can’t help that I start to laugh a little when reading these things. I mean how incredibly sick is it that this has become news in our generation? Everybody wants to be able to reach this utter perfection all the time and in the end feel so bad that you want to kill yourself? I have a problem with selfies, just because of this. I rarely take them because I can never seam to look that awesome that some people do in selfies. It’s never the perfect light, I don’t know where to look and I have noticed I must have been born with way to short arms since nothing more than my face ever seams to fit in the photo. BUT, I have taken a few that I’ve posted on my Instagram but on very rare occasions. Is someone out there a selfie PRO that wants to teach me the tips and tricks?

Anyways, can we all agree on not letting things go that far to reach the perfect selfie? I believe that’s a pretty good new years resolution! Let’s not make narcissism be the death of us.

Peace out!

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