But first – Coffee

DSC_1490Yesterday I travelled from 9.45 in the morning until 10 in the evening. Me and Mona left Düsseldorf to go back to Amsterdam and I had to go straight to the airport to fly to Stockholm! So excited to be home for a few days again before I’m heading back to Amsterdam.

As you know, last week I went to Düsseldorf to visit my boyfriend for a couple of days which was amazing as always. What was special for this visit though was that my friend Mona came to visit Saturday – Monday and another friend (Ophelia) was there for a concert which meant that we could meet up in the evening for some drinks! So much fun but at the same time strange to meet friends that ”belong” in a certain place somewhere else.

Anyways, the Sunday was spent being extremely tired but since we all needed to work we headed over to a café around the corner to get some things done. Not the most productive work session though (I mostly sat talking to Mona until I decided to go back home and watch TV… But now my energy is back and since I have an important presentation today at 14.40 I need to get going and start preparing! Wish me good luck!



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