Burgers at Beef Brothers

DSC_1505The other day in Düsseldorf me, Mona & Bou went to Beef Brothers around the corner from Bou’s place. It was the 2nd time for me (okay…. 3rd since me and Bou went there twice in one evening the first time we were there..) and the burgers are absolutely amazing. I really shouldn’t eat gluten products but these are just too good to resist so to make it a bit better I took away the lid. We are all only human after all! If you go to Düsseldorf and love burgers you really need to pay this place a visit!

So, what will I be doing today? My friend Felicia who is a great photographer studying at Parson’s in New York (check out here website HERE)  is coming over today for some breakfast (or I guess it’s brunch when it’s at 11?) and then we will take some photos. Also, I want to walk around town a bit and see if I can find any nice things. I hate shopping in Amsterdam and since I’m leaving Stockholm on Sunday already it would be nice to have a look around here. So let’s see what happens!

DSC_1511 DSC_1506 DSC_1516


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