DSC_9060Today we went for a little walk towards the restaurant we were going to have lunch at and had to cross this bridge with the most incredible view, even if it was quite foggy outside. I must say that I really like Düsseldorf, it’s really a cool city to walk around in and the place where we had lunch was really great! I will let you know more about that later.

Anyways, I can’t believe how time flies by so quickly. I arrived on Wednesday evening and now it’s already Saturday, which means only one more day together with my love. So now we will go out to discover some more cool spots! My feet are absolutely killing me since I managed to bring 3 pairs of shoes that all are heels.. Woho! But to see it on the positive side I’m getting some exercise!

I don’t think I’ve ever worn the dress I’m wearing on these pics on the blog before but I’ve had it for ages and worn it sooo much it’s insane. I bought it from a friend of mine maybe 5 years ago and has definitely been one of my better purchases. Now I have to get going! Ciao!

DSC_9066 DSC_9057 DSC_9071





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