DSC_9124I get so happy from looking at these photos from this weekend when me and Bou spent some time at a terrace in the sun, drinking beer. We drank Becks, since that’s what’s my nickname of course, and a darker Düsseldorg beer. So good! These are really the moments that I love about life! The moments when you can just sit down and relax in the sun with your loved one and for once just enjoy the moment.

Yesterday was another one of those evenings. Last night my dad arrived and we met up for dinner at a restaurant called FLO. We had been there before and since it was right next to dad’s hotel we felt it would be good to go there again. We had a shellfish platter with crab, prawns, oysters, whelks, winkles and Dutch shrimps with a nice bottle of Chablis (my favourite wine) and afterwards a steak tartar that we could barely finish. The food was good but the service was underneath every standard. The waiter forgot to take our orders, serve us wine, check up on us – he basically forgot about everything simultaneously as the chef was singing loudly in the kitchen. Last time we were there the service was bad to, but then it was so busy that you could easily get a hold of someone when they were running to another table, but being a Monday night, meaning not that many guests, it felt as though they would rather get ready to go home than serving us.
BUT, bad service aside, I had a great night with my dad and to my happiness he told me he will be staying until tonight which means I will also see him again today. Woho! But that means a bit of studying now and then head over to school before that can happen!

I hope you’ll have a great day! Ciao!

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