DSC_9927As a contrast to yesterday’s super-glam outfit I’m today showing you a bit more chilled one. Perhaps you remember the light blue bag and top from the post about my bad purchases the other day? Anyways, this is to me one of those outfits that works well on those days when you want to look a bit pulled together while still feeling relaxed and comfortable. I love the skipper coat from Busnel which has been with me for years, it makes me feel a bit more business than I usually do for some reason!

I’m getting so tired of the weather outside.. I’ve been sick for days and for once I’ve really done my best to get as much sleep as possible and take care of myself but nothing really helps. Just hoping that I will be back on track within the week since we are flying to Istanbul on Sunday. I’ve never been there so will definitely be fun to experience the city and get some time to relax as well. Now I’m going to start working on the layout for a website me and my aunt are working on (exciiiiiting!) and then I’m off for some classes at school. Ciao and have a great Tuesday!



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