Blue Lace


Photos by Mona von Zweigbergk (CLICK!)

Today I can finally show you the photos of one of my new favourite bodies that is actually supposed to be underwear (hihi). I usually don’t like looking naked and most of the time cover up quite a lot but with this one I really don’t mind. Now my mission is to find more goodies like this one.

This weekend has been a lot of fun but I’m once again happy that the Monday is back. It’s time to get back to the routines and finally make use of my brain again. On this weeks agenda my daily Chinese lessons and getting started with my new project for school is first priority as well as getting things done for work and on Friday I’m going to The Hague to celebrate my boyfriend’s mother. For the rest I will try to get going with some exercise as well. I went out running twice last week but if I want to do the Nike 10K women’s run on the 16th of May I better get some more exercise than that haha. Running used to come so easy to me when I was a kid but now it is as though my legs do not want to carry me anymore. It’s so difficult and I get absolutely exhausted afterwards and look like something very similar to a tomato. Well let’s see if I can do this!

In this post I’m wearing/an amazing body from H&M/Watch from Nixon/Bag from Chanel/Jeans from Monki/Shoes from Zara/


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