Black Stripes

1BLACK STRIPES. So these last two days have been pretty dramatic! The apartment underneath us got broken into by some pot smoking squatters that are now our new neighbours – YIPPIE! So after some calls to the police we found out that they apparently cannot do anything about them! I’ve never heard about anything like this in my entire life.

So basically, the only thing we can do at this point is to accept that they are living there and welcome our new neighbours with open arms. Welcome to Amsterdam!

Even if I told myself that I would do so much for school during the holidays of course I didn’t do anything, so now me and Ophelia are sitting in the living room sewing like never before. But she was kind enough to take some photos of how I look today! Can say that I’m getting a bit tired of myself that I’m only wearing black! Not even black and white but just black. But I guess that’s what winters are for right??

/Coat from Paul & Friends/Top by Armani Jeans/Trousers from H&M/Shoes from Converse/Bracelet from Kiel James Patrick/Watch from Gant/Ring from Les Nereides/

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