Black n Blue

DSC_0694I love mixing black and blue. It gives more depth to the look and makes it look more interesting than a fully black or a fully blue one. As you probably saw last week, I’ve been living in this Zara turtleneck since I bought it and I don’t see that is going to change in a while. It is just too comfortable and protects from the raw cold that is outside right now. And paired with golden (as always) accessories it just looks amazing!

This weekend I spent with my amazing boyfriend who I had missed so much, so it was definitely well needed. We bought a new tv for my room and ended up spending almost all our time laying in bed watching Lilyhammer which is one of my favourite series right now. We also visited de Food Hallen on Saturday which was great, and got visited by his parents and brother in the evening for dinner. Also we went to one of my favourite restaurants for lunch on Sunday – Smokin Barrels where we ordered a Lobster and Burger to share. Unfortunately for me I forgot that I can’t eat, salad, fries. the sauces or the bread so I ended up having a bite from the lobster and a few from the meat. Anyways, the weekend was really great and it was with a very heavy heart that I had to say goodbye to my love again.

I’m wearing/Turtleneck from Zara/creased trousers from Zara/Handbag from Furla/Watch from Nixon/Sneakers from Nike/

DSC_0696 DSC_0693


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