Black & Gold Favs

DSC_1798It is not secret that I love black and gold and therefore there’s no coincidence most of my everyday favourites are in those colours. There’s no good explanation for these colour choices but I’ve always felt that black always looks good. It doesn’t matter if it comes to a full-on black outfit or a desk, it always looks amazing! When it comes to gold I guess that it is that I love statement pieces that will spice up the black. A golden watch or a pair of shiny golden earplugs just adds that little extra to something that otherwise would look minimalistic and not that exciting.

Last night I packed some of these favourites (and some other ones of course) and jumped on a plane to Sweden. I am so happy to be home again, even if it was only a month ago since I last was here. The moment I got inside the apartment I went to bed and slept until 9.30 in the morning and was still tired when I woke up. I really think I needed to catch up on some sleep after the weekend and doing so in my Swedish bed was the best thing!

I’m not completely sure what the plans for the day will be but the moment I’ve published this I will poor myself a bath and after that we will see! I hope you will have an amazing day!

Wallpaper Magazine/Perfume Daisy Dream from Marc Jacobs/Golden skull candle from Ralph Lauren Home/Boxed, Crisp Champagne scented candle from Voluspa/Rings from Grandma/Golden earplugs from Happy Plugs/Watch from Nixon/Sketchbook from Bindewerk

DSC_1807 DSC_1808DSC_1811


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