Black and White Leo

DSC_8431Photos by Emelie Sundvall

Today just went by so extremely fast I didn’t have time to do half of the things I needed to. I was at school for a couple of hours and this is where I sort of lost track of time since I didn’t manage to have lunch until 3ish which means that the rhythm at least for me is completely gone. But I’m not complaining, this is just what happens some days and apart from that this day has been good. I did some grocery shopping and some cleaning, talked to my aunt for a while and listened to some speeches which makes me as excited and motivated every single time.

I am also looking forward to tomorrow evening (which might be the reason I’m very happy today) since my boyfriend is coming over to Amsterdam for one evening before he flies to Australia. This means that I will bring out my badass wifey skills and cook him a three course dinner (oh yes!). I will of course document the dinner.
Now I’m going to have the evenings last talk with my aunt and then I am off to bed. Nighty nighty.

I’m wearing/jacket from Zara/top from Esprit/Backpack from Prada/
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