Birthday Weekend

birthdayBIRTHDAY WEEKEND. My birthday weekend is over and I had such a great time. On Saturday some friends celebrated mine and Lisa’s birthday on a boat which was great! The weather forecast said it would be raining but we got extremely lucky and had sun the entire time!

When the music died we decided to continue at our place before we headed to Henry’s for some GT’s! I had such a great time surrounded by great friends!

The morning after, on my actual birthday, Bou, Bob and Carolina made a big birthday brunch for me and Lisa. We came to the conclusion that they should do that for us every weekend! Haha. No but it was so nice of them and a great start of the day.

After a day of relaxing, since we were quite hung over from the day before, me Bou and Carolina went for a drink (alcohol free!) at the Biertuin which is a place around the corner from where we live that I absolutely love! It’s one of those super relaxed places where you can sit outside and just enjoy the sunshine! And above all they have amazing food and beer! Carolina went home and me and Bou eventually ended up having a steak dinner there which was great!

So, I definitely had a great birthday but it definitely was a different one compared to my usual birthdays. I’ve celebrated my birthday away from my family before, but it’s just completely different and even if it was a great two days and I got more than properly taken care of, I just didn’t have that typical birthday feeling that I usually have. But I think that’s one of the things that comes with getting older. Sometimes you have to let go a little bit of old traditions and start embracing new ones instead!




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