Berlin food : Bötzow-Privat

Bötzow-privat-berlingAs you may already understand, food was the focus when we went to Berlin. This place, I visited for the first time around half a year ago when my German roommate took me there to have some typically German food when visiting the country. We ate Käse Spätzle (Cheese Noodles) that is usually eaten in the south of Germany and I was sold in a second. I believe, since then I’ve been talking about the dish and ever time I meet German people I always have to go on about how in love I am with it. So, it became something like a slight obsession and now when we were going back to Berlin I knew I had to visit this little gem again.

Anyways, since we had so many other plans and it seamed to be closed on the day during the Saturday we said that we would go there if we had time on Sunday evening. So, biking through Berlin on the Saturday we accidentally went by it – and it was open! To my happiness we stopped and went inside, ordered some beers, a burger and of course my divine käse spätzle and the moment the food reached our table also my love was completely sold! Imagine mac and cheese, but a 100 times better! Also the burger was absolutely amazing (and I am not an easy flirt when it comes to burgers).

It may seam like I’m telling a cosy little fairytale about this place and its food, but this is exactly how I feel about it. The atmosphere is absolutely amazing and the guy in the restaurant is super friendly and helpful. We ended up going back the day after when we were both suffering from quite a horrible hangover to indulge in some more käse spätzle before we had to leave Berlin. This will definitely be a place I will go back to every time I’m visiting Berlin and I must say I’m quite glad there’s not a place like this in Amsterdam since that would probably have an immense impact on my figure!

Oh and the place is called Bötzow-Privat!

Address: Linienstaße 113, 10115 Berlin

Website: HERE.

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