Beige is the new black

photo 16I woke up this morning feeling really sick but luckily the feeling passed now. I started off by having a coffee and a smoothie in bed finishing off some work and going through my inbox, after that I had a quick Skype meeting about Sport Without Limits. I have quite some things on the agenda for the day but that’s the way I like it! Will work a bit before lunch and after that I’m having a meeting around the corner with Sarah to make the branding proposal for FracasNoir. It will probably take a while to get that done brainstorming about ideas is one of my favourite things to do!

After this I will probably just head home and cook some dinner and then try to finish off as much work as possible before tomorrow when I’m going to Düsseldorf for two days. So excited to see my love and get a weekend away from Amsterdam at the same time.

And I must say, I am a bit more excited about life than the picture above is showing. Lately I feel like I’m only using nudes and browns. I love it so much and makes me feel completely summer fresh after having spent way to much time wearing black.

Now I’m off and I’ll talk to you later! Have a great Friday!

I’m wearing/Turtleneck from Veromoda/Trenchcoat from Veromoda/Watch from Nixon/Clutch from Emporio Armani/Bracelet from Tiffany’s/White trousers from Zara/
photo 14


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