Behind The Scenes

trendeneur-shoot6BEHIND THE SCENES. Yesterday was such an amazing, but stressful day! It started at school with one class before I had to take a car straight to Pierot where we had our hair and make-up done. I was so happy with both the hair which was so nice and fluffy and for the make-up I went with a more natural look. Then we met up with the photographer Hans Guldemond and his assistant Noel at the wine bar Viqh and we could finally start filming!

Yesterday’s mission was to film the intro for a upcoming video project that I will be hosting and also to film the first interview. I will of course share the video here with you the moment I have it, which should be within a couple of days. I had a look at some of the footage and it looked so great! The only thing I’m slightly worried about is the interview. It always feels so incredibly strange to hear your own voice on film! Anyways, I am up and beyond excited and we were such an amazing team today! Really managed to do a lot within a quite short amount of time, so I’m definitely 100% positive and proud at this moment!

So here you have some behind the scene photos so you can get an idea of what things looked like!






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