Beaches and Lectures

DSCN1436The weather outside right now is unfortunately not the most inspiring, and that in combination with that I had class until 19.30 last night has resulted in no outfit today. But – shit happens!

Last night we had a lecture from the owner of Mud jeans that lease out jeans, and K.O.I (Kings of Indigo) which is another Dutch denim brand. I think it was fun hearing what they have to say since they have so much experience from within the industry and we as students have a lot to learn from them. I think it’s kind of funny (and sad at the same time) how extremely critical the audience was, since it mostly consisted of students. Some people really seam to think as though after having studied some fashion they know what they are talking about and can immediately point out what is wrong with their business. ”Why are they doing it this way? Why are they doing it that way? You really notice that they don’t know what they’re talking about.”.

Having some insight into startup brands and knowing how incredibly difficult it is to establish a business online I almost felt ashamed of sitting there together with the other students. Being critical is good, but being a know-it-all when it comes to start-ups and fashion companies after some studying is simply distasteful.

So, having that said, if you’re interested in denim I really think you should have a look at their unique concepts. Mud jeans are pioneers within the industry by LEASING out jeans! How cool isn’t that?! You can find Mud jeans HERE and K.O.I HERE.

Soon I’m meeting up with my project group and after that school for a couple of hours followed by more group work. Woho! Happy Friday!



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