R3 Photo by Felicia Linden

These photos were taken a while back by Felicia Linden but for some reason I had some trouble getting them into Lightroom but now finally I can show you! She’s such a great photographer so I obviously really love these pics!

Yesterday afternoon I left Stockholm for Uppsala where my grandma and grandpa picked me up for the station. They took me out shopping and I got some really nice pieces that will come up soon! After that we went to their place, had dinner and I stayed the night which was so nice. Always so great being here visiting them. I immediately feel so calm when I get here and it’s so nice to be here with them.
I will spend the day here and tonight my mum is coming to pick me up and drive me back to Stockholm where I’m having dinner with one of my best guy-friends. Now the countdown has begun and I’m getting so stressed that I have to fly back to Amsterdam on Friday already. I will be going straight to The Hague where I’m meeting up with my boyfriend to have dinner with him and his family and spend the evening with him. Will be super nice to see him again!

Now I will go back to socialising! Ciao!
IMG_4469.CR2IMG_4427.CR2IMG_4447.CR2 IMG_4438.CR2 IMG_4443.CR2IMG_4481.CR2 IMG_4502.CR2 IMG_4504.CR2 IMG_4508.CR2


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