Bare legs

DSC_9142I’m starting to realise that this may be one of the last bare legged outfits in a couple of months. It is so strange how schizophrenic the weather can be. A couple of days ago it was up to 26 degrees and yesterday I wore my sheep-jacket and it still felt cold. Well oh well, in one way I’m excited for the fall since I truly am an autumn girl. Not that my birthday is in the autumn, but I’ve just always loved the time when the leaves start falling off the trees and it gets cold enough to be able to justify sitting inside with lit candles and just reading a magazine. Ahh I’m getting into cosy mode just by thinking about it.

But, what I also love about the autumn is that you really start appreciating those days when the sun is out. During the summer, it’s something that people just take for granted but there’s just no better feeling than waking up an autumn day and looking out of the window to find out that the sun is shining. It’s an amazing feeling!

One thing that I find quite boring with the autumn though is that it seams as though all colours from the palette gets banished for a few months and substituted by black, grey and dark blue. I’m not saying that I’m not doing the exact same thing (and sometimes especially much since I’ve always been a person who almost only dress in black) but for this fall my challenge will be to wear more colour, even if just on a nice bag like the one in the photos or on a nice pair of shoes. It’s all about those little things that spices up the outfit and gives you that little extra life lust!

This is btw my favourite bag at the moment which I got from my amazing boyfriend. I’m wearing it as often as I can and I always get compliments for it.

I’m wearing/Bag from Essentiel Antwerp/Dress from ZARA/Watch from Nixon/

DSC_9144 DSC_9143



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