Balcony Madness

BALCONYBALCONY MADNESS. Yesterday, when I was at home being extremely lazy, I started browsing around Pinterest in search for some inspiration. First came one, then came to, and then I was hooked! I am now obsessed with having a perfect balcony.

Photo-by-View-of-CaraSo now my only problem is to get an apartment with a bigger balcony. The one we have now is teeny tiny and a real death trap. I think the rail literally is 60cm high and if you would loose your balance even for a second out there I’m not sure you would be here anymore. Anyways, it is needless to say that in order to create a perfect balcony I need to get myself a bigger one. This means I’ve got a lot of time to plan!

So here are some of the things I would love to have on my balcony:

  • A cool carpet
  • Flowers
  • A mattress (do  you then need to take it inside every day?!)
  • Candles
  • A nice table, preferably in marble
  • Loads of pillows and blankets

I mean, when you look at my list, and the balconies in this post you really start doubting if this is possible. I mean, who has the time or the energy to take in and out all of these things every day? Or do they maybe have a roof above? Or perhaps a butler? No, I’m not being negative, only realistic.

But, if there came some sort of solution to the taking in and out problem, I would love to have something in the style of these photos that I gracefully stole from my wonderful friend Pinterest!




















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